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Hello, A rollercoaster of emotions One word for adulthood:Stress. As children or teenagers, we often think about why we have such limited freedom, why we can't get some things we want, why we can't do things our way and we fail to value the innocence of childhood. In our haste to grow up,nobody considered the… Continue reading THE REALITIES OF ADULTHOOD.

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Girl Issues

Quick question: In your next life, would you rather be a boy or a girl?. Many wonder why girls have so many issues ranging from numerous insecurities to eating disorders,low self-esteem and inferiority complex admist others. I would say that's a personal choice to make because gender doesn't dictate my behavior and character. However, for… Continue reading Girl Issues

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Hello 👋, As children, most of us had misplaced priorities. We attached important to irrelevant things like not being allowed to play with sand 😅, not attending a birthday party and many other childish things we kept on whining about. We thought adulthood was freedom but honestly it's not, even the teenage years are stressful,… Continue reading PRIORITIES



Hello 👋, This is one of those many moments when I want to write about something but I just can't wrap my head around what it is exactly. I'm just going to answer random questions I wasn't asked. Let's see how this goes... 1. WHAT ATTRACTS YOU TO A BLOG?. I get attracted by the… Continue reading MORE ABOUT MYSELF.



Hello everyone, This is an unplanned decision and definitely not what you're expecting but I'm sorry I have to break the news this way. I decided to quit blogging. I realized I have a lot of things to do and I might not really have time for it. I believe I'm not providing fill satisfaction… Continue reading QUIT NOTICE.