As a young girl growing up in Nigeria, life we've always been taught to be a battle field and we're brought up with so much humility and respect for elder ones. Watching movies and seeing the freedom white children possess always fascinated us and we wish to be like them. There are so many things… Continue reading THE STORY OF A NIGERIAN CHILD.

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Hello, It's been long ๐Ÿ™‚, I've been busy with exams and I have a lot of things to do. The pages kept tearing and the words erasing, The legacies of our fathers up in blazes, Sacred knowledge and teachings no longer existing, The consequences of our actions affecting us in phases. Like a painter repainting… Continue reading Civilisation

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Hope of Freedom

In fear I lived my whole lifeMy heart yearns for a placeto rest,My soul seeks for the mindof peace. How far do I have to runin order to stop runningI simple walk I canโ€™t haveA thousand reason to keepHiding. What did I do?I know notwhy I run?I know notThe fear of being hurtis greater than… Continue reading Hope of Freedom



๐Ÿ‘‹, first poem of the year. Ive lost my poetry super powers They lay still and quiet, The souls of those who are no more, The graveyard creepy and also tranquil, Full of immobile bodies that are hopeless. My breath still lies with me, A chamber full of treasure awaiting to be explored, Impacts on… Continue reading Thoughts



Ouch!,it hurtsLooking down,I saw a large pile of stonesAll threatening to sting my bare feetIf I took a step furtherShould I take the risk or not?There was a treat waiting for me aheadA gift of different meaningsA dream I fought for gallantlyI stepped carefully on the stonesDrops of blood accompanying each stepI was leaving behind… Continue reading SUCCESS



Faced with a myriad of problems,And thousands mazes that seemed impossible to get past,An underlying feeling of danger,Enveloped my whole mind.I thought I was nearing the endThat point where even miracles couldn't workWhere everything seemed impossibleLike I would be sucked in by my problems.The sacrifices I madeThe consequences I facedThe regrets I hadThe good I… Continue reading A NEW DAWN#INSTANT POETRY 1