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Hello πŸ‘‹, People often think it is impossible to regain /rebuild their self-esteem because that is what low self-esteem makes you believe. Getting your self-esteem back is similar to embarking on a very long journey. The outcome of the journey depends on your will,it could yield positive or negative results depending on what you do.… Continue reading REGAINING YOUR SELF-ESTEEM .

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Hello πŸ‘‹, Happy New month once again. This is not really a tag but feel free to share your experience. If you take it as a tag, that's totally fine. Just make sure to link it back to the original post( this). 1.JANUARY The month I thought I had it all. The month I decided… Continue reading HOW’S THE YEAR GOING?



Hello πŸ‘‹, This morning,I was tagged so many times in the blog recommendations by Devangi and honestly I was so happy because I didn't know I was that good. Thank you very much Devangi. I'm really happy that people in the blogging community still motivate each other and share their favorite bloggers. I've been busy… Continue reading BLOG RECOMMENDATIONS