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Hello πŸ‘‹, I've been struggling with what to write πŸ˜” so I decided to write about anything and everything. As humans,we have our moments and troubles. Times when we feel alone, thinking about how the world just never works in our favour. We're caught up in a web of faΓ§ade trying to fit into society… Continue reading “A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING”

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Hello πŸ‘‹, As children, most of us had misplaced priorities. We attached important to irrelevant things like not being allowed to play with sand πŸ˜…, not attending a birthday party and many other childish things we kept on whining about. We thought adulthood was freedom but honestly it's not, even the teenage years are stressful,… Continue reading PRIORITIES



Hello πŸ‘‹, This morning,I was tagged so many times in the blog recommendations by Devangi and honestly I was so happy because I didn't know I was that good. Thank you very much Devangi. I'm really happy that people in the blogging community still motivate each other and share their favorite bloggers. I've been busy… Continue reading BLOG RECOMMENDATIONS