Every negative event has a positive side although as humans,we all tend to be oblivious of that part. Each time were faced with a problem,all we do is lament and complain: why me?,why am I not like this person or that person? But life doesn't work that way really. Everyone is working towards a certain… Continue reading THE UPSIDE

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Hello 👋, As children, most of us had misplaced priorities. We attached important to irrelevant things like not being allowed to play with sand 😅, not attending a birthday party and many other childish things we kept on whining about. We thought adulthood was freedom but honestly it's not, even the teenage years are stressful,… Continue reading PRIORITIES



Misunderstandings are common in most friendships and some remain uncleared due to lack of communication and understanding. Having a fall-out with someone doesn't mean you should just stop talking to the person because it might all be one big misunderstanding. You should try to learn to speak with people and understand their side of the… Continue reading DIALOGUES