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Faced with a myriad of problems,And thousands mazes that seemed impossible to get past,An underlying feeling of danger,Enveloped my whole mind.I thought I was nearing the endThat point where even miracles couldn't workWhere everything seemed impossibleLike I would be sucked in by my problems.The sacrifices I madeThe consequences I facedThe regrets I hadThe good I… Continue reading A NEW DAWN#INSTANT POETRY 1

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Hello, A rollercoaster of emotions One word for adulthood:Stress. As children or teenagers, we often think about why we have such limited freedom, why we can't get some things we want, why we can't do things our way and we fail to value the innocence of childhood. In our haste to grow up,nobody considered the… Continue reading THE REALITIES OF ADULTHOOD.

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Hello 👋, People often think it is impossible to regain /rebuild their self-esteem because that is what low self-esteem makes you believe. Getting your self-esteem back is similar to embarking on a very long journey. The outcome of the journey depends on your will,it could yield positive or negative results depending on what you do.… Continue reading REGAINING YOUR SELF-ESTEEM .

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Hello, It's been long 🙂, I've been busy with exams and I have a lot of things to do. The pages kept tearing and the words erasing, The legacies of our fathers up in blazes, Sacred knowledge and teachings no longer existing, The consequences of our actions affecting us in phases. Like a painter repainting… Continue reading Civilisation

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Hello 👋, Everyone has that particular (special) thing that makes them happy. It sèrves as a comfort zone. It could be a place,an activity or anything you can think of and it relieves them of stress,they feel very comfortable doing that thing and it seems to offload all their burdens. For me, that thing is… Continue reading WHAT’S YOUR SAFE HAVEN?

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Hello 👋, Although I have exams, I feel like I'm neglecting writing. I've been reading a lot , everything and anything including blog posts and I just had to squeeze out time to write mine.. besides,I'm keeping my streaks 😁18days now......let's get into it although it's totally unedited(instant) Be different positively and not negatively. Everyone… Continue reading BE DIFFERENT



Good morning 🌞, I hate Mondays,not as much as I hate Saturdays (we'll get to that later), but the level of hate exceeds a hundred percent. Mondays are like reminders that this life is stressful and you have so many things to do. Waking up early is normal for me but having to wake up… Continue reading MONDAY (MORNINGS)


Just Some Writerly Things The Writer In You Will Understand

So you’ve chosen to be a writer. That means getting to know procrastination on a more intimate level. That means learning to doubt your work. Also, that means checking the word count after every couple of sentences. But there are many other things that bind us all. We writers don’t need to stick together. We… Continue reading Just Some Writerly Things The Writer In You Will Understand