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Rain! Rain!Bring unto me my heartfeltCarry away my heart painsWash away my heart guiltAccept my heart worriesReturn unto me my laughterFor happiness I desireCries I have lostPains stolen awayLaughter I was given.

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A beautiful good night's sleep I slip into Forgetting my worries And accepting the drowning Leaving my mind to wander far In the land of dream Staying peaceful with myself In my happy sleep There are no worries No pains, no tears No hurts, no strives Just a happy sleep.

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Should Not

Nights after daysDays upon dayTrying to please my heart,To let go of the oldRealizing that the old seems to beNew The new looks likeThe former which was filled withMixed feelings andPartial regretsQuestion keeps pumping… Why shouldn't??Why can??What if??And as the former show faceThen begin to have regrets I should have not!I should have stayed back!I… Continue reading Should Not

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Hello Ayo, This is a letter from a younger version of yourself. I have so many questions to ask and I hope everything worked out the way we planned it. How many new stamps does your passport have?.... I really hope it's not less than 10, how many countries have you toured? Do you record… Continue reading A LETTER TO MY FUTURE SELF#TAG.