Procrastination is not the thief of time.

Hello πŸ‘‹, I think I'm back from my unofficial break and I wouldn't say I was busy after all it's my year of academic rest(No, I did not take a gap year). I felt the need to write about procrastination,the one thing I allowed to stop me from writing since May 6. You might be… Continue reading Procrastination is not the thief of time.



Every negative event has a positive side although as humans,we all tend to be oblivious of that part. Each time were faced with a problem,all we do is lament and complain: why me?,why am I not like this person or that person? But life doesn't work that way really. Everyone is working towards a certain… Continue reading THE UPSIDE



As a young girl growing up in Nigeria, life we've always been taught to be a battle field and we're brought up with so much humility and respect for elder ones. Watching movies and seeing the freedom white children possess always fascinated us and we wish to be like them. There are so many things… Continue reading THE STORY OF A NIGERIAN CHILD.



Good morning 🌞, I hate Mondays,not as much as I hate Saturdays (we'll get to that later), but the level of hate exceeds a hundred percent. Mondays are like reminders that this life is stressful and you have so many things to do. Waking up early is normal for me but having to wake up… Continue reading MONDAY (MORNINGS)

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Why should you be successful is the question ⁉️. Are you worth being a success. I'm not trying to bring anyone down,I just want to state some facts. Not everyone in this world can be successful and that's a choice we make for ourselves. Poverty is not something a man would pray for and if… Continue reading WHY YOU SHOULDN’T BE SUCCESSFUL.