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Faced with a myriad of problems,And thousands mazes that seemed impossible to get past,An underlying feeling of danger,Enveloped my whole mind.I thought I was nearing the endThat point where even miracles couldn't workWhere everything seemed impossibleLike I would be sucked in by my problems.The sacrifices I madeThe consequences I facedThe regrets I hadThe good I… Continue reading A NEW DAWN#INSTANT POETRY 1

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Hello, It's been long 🙂, I've been busy with exams and I have a lot of things to do. The pages kept tearing and the words erasing, The legacies of our fathers up in blazes, Sacred knowledge and teachings no longer existing, The consequences of our actions affecting us in phases. Like a painter repainting… Continue reading Civilisation

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A beautiful good night's sleep I slip into Forgetting my worries And accepting the drowning Leaving my mind to wander far In the land of dream Staying peaceful with myself In my happy sleep There are no worries No pains, no tears No hurts, no strives Just a happy sleep.

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Should Not

Nights after daysDays upon dayTrying to please my heart,To let go of the oldRealizing that the old seems to beNew The new looks likeThe former which was filled withMixed feelings andPartial regretsQuestion keeps pumping… Why shouldn't??Why can??What if??And as the former show faceThen begin to have regrets I should have not!I should have stayed back!I… Continue reading Should Not