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A group of people with a common goal or THE JUDGE of people?. A term which has slowly evolved into the basis of everyone's decision. Oh,and what would society think of me if I do this?.A term or the link and cover for those ill feelings we have towards each other that we refuse to… Continue reading SOCIETY

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Hello 👋, I've been struggling with what to write 😔 so I decided to write about anything and everything. As humans,we have our moments and troubles. Times when we feel alone, thinking about how the world just never works in our favour. We're caught up in a web of façade trying to fit into society… Continue reading “A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING”

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A beautiful good night's sleep I slip into Forgetting my worries And accepting the drowning Leaving my mind to wander far In the land of dream Staying peaceful with myself In my happy sleep There are no worries No pains, no tears No hurts, no strives Just a happy sleep.

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Should Not

Nights after daysDays upon dayTrying to please my heart,To let go of the oldRealizing that the old seems to beNew The new looks likeThe former which was filled withMixed feelings andPartial regretsQuestion keeps pumping… Why shouldn't??Why can??What if??And as the former show faceThen begin to have regrets I should have not!I should have stayed back!I… Continue reading Should Not

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Hope of Freedom

In fear I lived my whole lifeMy heart yearns for a placeto rest,My soul seeks for the mindof peace. How far do I have to runin order to stop runningI simple walk I can’t haveA thousand reason to keepHiding. What did I do?I know notwhy I run?I know notThe fear of being hurtis greater than… Continue reading Hope of Freedom

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Holà 👋, Rules of the tag. 1. Link it back to the original post( this one) 2. Identify who tagged you and if you tagged yourself, it's totally finee 3. State the rules 4. Answer the questions 5. Tag at least 5 people QUESTIONS. 1. When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging… Continue reading BLOGGING TAG


Pedophilia #protect our children

It is wrong! Let’s fight it no matter what! I may not have given this topic enough research but I’m livid enough to know that nothing!! Absolutely NOTHING!!! justifies the disgusting activities of a pedophile!! I am very grieved by this and I’m sure we all are. A pedophile is somebody that has sexual feelings… Continue reading Pedophilia #protect our children