Procrastination is not the thief of time.

Hello 👋, I think I’m back from my unofficial break and I wouldn’t say I was busy after all it’s my year of academic rest(No, I did not take a gap year). I felt the need to write about procrastination,the one thing I allowed to stop me from writing since May 6.

You might be wondering why my title goes against the popular saying “procrastination is the thief of time” and that’s because it’s not. We choose what affects us,we choose what we allow into our lives and minds but find it very easy to push the blame to someone or something else when something goes wrong. How does procrastination steal your time?. Does it reduce the hours in a day or does it keep you handicapped in bed?. What exactly does it do? The answer is simple Nothing.

Nobody and nothing has the power to steal time but YOU have the power to let time while away, YOU have the power to use your time stupidly. 80% of everything that happens to you in life is as a result of your decisions and actions. From a personal experience, I can testify to that. As a writer, there’s a difference between going through a writer’s block and procrastinating. As said earlier, I haven’t written since May 6 and the interval between then and today is 24 days. If you walk up to me and ask me to show you a productive thing I’ve done within the last 24 days, I’ll be at a loss of words because I’ve done nothing meaningful. Did I have the time to do something meaningful? YES. Did I do it? NO. The big question is why?.

I kept on lying to myself that I would do it the next day. I kept on telling myself that there were many days left in June but guess what today is the last day and this is the first productive thing I’ve done. “I” not “YOU” decided to take that decision. It was all ME and that’s why I need to take responsibility for my actions by admitting that I am the thief of my own time.

Although this didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it to be, I’m sure I passed a message and I hope you start doing things as soon as you can. Why leave what you can do today till tomorrow?. Till next time, Happy New Month in advance ❤️.

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