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Faced with a myriad of problems,
And thousands mazes that seemed impossible to get past,
An underlying feeling of danger,
Enveloped my whole mind.

I thought I was nearing the end
That point where even miracles couldn’t work
Where everything seemed impossible
Like I would be sucked in by my problems.

The sacrifices I made
The consequences I faced
The regrets I had
The good I did
Would they all be in vain?

I was at the verge of giving up,
I soon would drain life out of myself,
Render my body useless
Then finally have some peace

But then everything I suffered to acquire would be forgotten within a star’s twinkle
Everyone would go back to their usual lifestyle
My knowledge would go to waste
And I’d be six feet under the earth,covered in sand.

Just then, I saw a glimmer of hope,
The last light at the end of the tunnel
The neverending tunnel
I got back on my feet thinking about all opportunities

And I realized life was worth it
As death would mean the end of a fine piece like me
That glimmer signified the breaking of a new dawn for me.

Instant poetry as I call it is a poem written out of the blues, something you didn’t plan for..you just pick up the pen and it just flows or does it apply to only me?

Have we ever been in a situation where we feel like death is the only option,the only pathway to peace although we don’t want to go without leaving a good legacy but our problems keep getting the best of us?

8 thoughts on “A NEW DAWN#INSTANT POETRY 1”

  1. Instant poetry yes – one of my published poems here on WordPress, The Little Heart Speaks was an instant for me and I’ve never been able to write another one like it till date even though I’ve tried! So I relate to it too…..

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      1. And if you don’t pen it down at that moment it goes away…..It’s like the wind, it comes before you even know it and goes by the time you realise that could have been a splendid work!

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  2. Wow Ayo, I deeply resonate with your words here. You’re not alone, I have been there too when I didn’t want to be here anymore and realized that there is much more in life to explore and discover. You are Loved and a beautiful poem. ♥️

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