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Validation from people? That’s normal to someone I guess but it’s definitely not right. Yes,as humans,we feel the need to be accepted into society,the need to fit in and probably be like everyone else. We need someone to tell us we’re beautiful before it begins to sink in and it’s normal-sometimes- but when you can’t do anything without validation from someone then there’s something wrong.

You don’t need a hundred people telling you you look nice before you step out of your house. What if I told you those hundred people don’t actually mean it?. SOCIETY DOESN’T VALIDATE,IT JUDGES. The moment you step out of your compound, there’s a million things going on in people’s heads about you or maybe not. Some people might make the wrong assumptions without ever meeting you. She’s pretty,she’s ugly,he’s rich,he’s poor. People will think whatever they want to after all it’s their mind and they have a right to that. When you wake up,you don’t need to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I’m beautiful” a thousand times,that simply means you’re unsure of that fact. Have conversations with yourself “I’m pretty,stop staring”,” I give good advice and you’re probably about to ask me for one” is what you should say to your image in the mirror.

Self validation is the starting point. Validate yourself and your actions. Take pride in what you do. You don’t need to fit in ,that’s just boring. Stand out, make a difference and trust me, people will seek your validation (as funny as it sounds). Show yourself some love, feel good in your own skin and you’ll be the happiest person you can be.

Don’t get it wrong, Encouragement differs from validation. Encouragement from others is when someone tells you you can do it on days when you really feel you can’t. Validation is when you have to seek the person’s opinion before taking any decisions,it is when you don’t feel special until that person tells you you are and if they say otherwise,it becomes a really big problem and you get sad or depressed.

For how long do you want to depend on someone’s view about YOUR life?. It’s your life,you don’t need anyone’s acceptance to be you. You don’t need anyone telling you who you are and what you’re not,you should be the SOLE DETERMINER of that factor. You choose what you want to be and who you want to be and if they don’t like it,you don’t care because you live for YOU.

6 thoughts on “VALIDATION”

  1. Yesss this is so true!! We need self validation! We’re so scared of being judged half the time that we forget we judge others too and it really isn’t all that big of a deal, it’s just basic human nature.

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