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A group of people with a common goal or THE JUDGE of people?. A term which has slowly evolved into the basis of everyone’s decision. Oh,and what would society think of me if I do this?.A term or the link and cover for those ill feelings we have towards each other that we refuse to voice out in a truthful way. SOCIETY IS US, EVERYBODY.

Society is something I would never be able to understand. It criticizes one for doing something and criticizes another for doing the opposite. Don’t wear makeup, you’re beautiful without it!. Wear makeup and cover up that ugly thing you call a face!. You start getting confused between the two options and find yourself wondering which group would be better to Please and that’s what I call Lowering your standards.

Society has no right to judge you or make you feel less of a person. YOU give it that right the moment you start listening to that voice at the back of your head telling you that you’ll never be good enough for anyone. The moment you start to hear those voices saying “God,she’s so fat or he’s so thin” whenever you have to walk past people, you’re losing your shit and Society cones in.

Society(US) has made really bad situations look really good. When someone gets raped and there are comments like “at least she didn’t die,at least she didn’t get killed”, that’s exactly what society (US) has turned the world into. When a train gets attacked and the government sits by idly and the citizens are forced to thank God more than 30 people didn’t die. Society has taken away our rights,we have taken away our rights. We have put ourselves in situations that are not right. Situations where the only thing we can do is thank God for saving us.

Never try to please SOCIETY (PEOPLE). That’s the biggest mistake you’ll make. You’ll end up becoming a mess,your life will become a mess and you’ll find yourself lonely because your friends will leave you the moment you change yourself. Without noticing it, you’re no longer yourself, you’ve become a beast and everyone ( the society you tried pleasing) starts to say “that wasn’t the person I knew, I just wish she’d be herself”.


A strong,great and powerful word indeed. A word we use to refer to ourselves and justify our actions.”That’s what society moulded me into”. Are you clay?. You mould yourself,your life,your dreams. You map out plans for yourself. You wear earrings because you want to not because people say you look like a boy without it. You wear short skirts because you’re comfortable in it not because that’s the “trend ” and you don’t want to feel left out. YOU do YOU,that’s the way it’s meant to be.

Don’t make decisions because society will praise you for it,one wrong move and “society”will condemn you.

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