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One word for adulthood:Stress. As children or teenagers, we often think about why we have such limited freedom, why we can’t get some things we want, why we can’t do things our way and we fail to value the innocence of childhood. In our haste to grow up,nobody considered the loneliness and difficulties that come with it.

I miss those days where all I had to care about was picking out my party outfit, Times when I didn’t need to bother about being called a misfit, And didn’t have to work hard to fit into society, Free days where I didn’t have crosses to carry, No soul to feed and no need to worry about what I would eat, Days when I made buildings out of sand, Now I have to till the soil to feed from hand to mouth.

You wouldn’t understand even if you were told right from birth because you’re not in that position and our shallow minds couldn’t possibly process such information at such a young age. If only I could make a wish, I would choose to be a baby all over again and savour the taste of milk from my mother’s breast, scatter the house as much as I want to, and cry after I get shouted on. Play with sand like it’s my best friend and enjoy every single moment that comes with childhood.

Adulthood is that stage where there’s no one to care for you not because people are wicked but because everyone is occupied with serious issues of life. Of course,life doesn’t have to be complicated but then you still have to put in your very best which can be really strenuous at times. You have to fend for yourself and work your ass off to get those designer shoes and bags you want. This is when the tables turn and you have to do what was done for you. You have to take care of the people who took care of you. What is life without appreciation?. Now the story changes, you’re no longer working for yourself but for 2 groups of people excluding yourself: the ones you came through and the ones who came or who would come through you.

It’s that time when you can no longer cry to your mama after hitting your leg on a stone. You have to face your problems head-on and find solutions yourself. As children,we thought the best thing that could happen to us was becoming am adult. We had everything planned out in our little heads and even practiced things we would do. Little did we know that it would be the beginning of a mini hell, You never know what to expect and almost nothing ever happens your way. My biggest question is, why do some people make it seem so easy? I think an awful lot of us will agree with me that we have been scammed, lol. Adulthood is not exactly as fun as we thought.

How has it been for you all, is anyone enjoying this at all? Anyone? The worst part of it is that I have a strong feeling that it gets worse with time. Having to measure up to standards while dealing with anxiety and maybe depression is just overwhelming. However, this is just one way to look at it. One of the reasons why many of us wanted to have the adulthood experience was because we craved independence. Those who have paid rapt attention can testify to the fact that independence comes at a price. We didnโ€™t know this before, nobody ever told us. Some people generally feel like life itself is frustrating because of adulthood challenges. It’s sad that I’m on my way there๐Ÿ˜ญ .

Advice: Enjoy your childhood while it lasts. Adulthood is overrated.

Happy new month everyone ๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ’ž.


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