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Don’t judge a post by its title. I’m definitely not writing this out of experience and I’m not saying I’m not a success ( maybe not yet). Everybody has their definition of success,it could be overcoming a fear, a challenge, getting good at something, getting popular and the likes but I guess we all understand what I’m driving at.

P.S: BTS means Behind the Scene

Most success stories start with the history of the person involved and how the person became who they are today but there are key things people fail to talk about and that’s exactly what this post is about.


Definitely not what you’re thinking 😜. Of course,they talk about the struggles they faced while on the path to success but do they talk about the inner struggle,finding inner peace and satisfaction with themselves. There’s a difference between knowing you did your best and accepting that you did your best. Most people have to argue with themselves and those not strong enough fall to those weaknesses. There’s always that voice in your head which you have to battle with regularly,that low self-esteem,low confidence and lack of belief in yourself because you think others could do it better or others have done this before so you’re not going to make any difference. Great people don’t do different things,they do things differently.The struggle of accepting who you are is the real struggle because if you don’t,others won’t .


Yes,we all know about the pressure. There are times when we feel we’ve reached our breaking point. Moments when we just want to give up because there’s nothing worth fighting for anymore. Everyone has definitely gone through that period. Facing pressure is a really destabilizing experience which no one would understand except they go through the same phase. Most successes talk about the pressure from family, friends and the rest. Nobody talks about the pressure from oneself. “I need to do this so I wouldn’t be considered a mediocre, I need to do that”. Don’t get me wrong,it’s very okay to push yourself but don’t over do it because you never know if there’s a pit a few steps ahead and you just might fall into it. Take things easy and work at your own pace because at the end of it,the results are all on you.


In most success stories, it’s either successes talk about how their parents or a particular parent helped them forge ahead in life or they talk about how there was nobody there for them because nobody believed in them or they were orphans. They however fail to talk about one of the most important factor that promotes success. FRIENDS. They influence your decisions positively or negatively. They are a social factor in your life and they shape your method of thinking. In other words,they can make or mar your success. On the journey to achieving greatness,you need to be careful with the kind of people you keep around you. Supportive friends equal improvement and bad friends equal bad manners. The decision is yours to make.


There’s no story without a mistake. Of course, people talk about the mistakes they made while climbing up the success ladder but do they really explain how they let that particular mistake affect them. Do they explain the after effects the mistakes had on them?.NO. Mistakes are bound to happen but how you decide to react to them is entirely your decision. Yes,there are times when you feel very stupid for making a particular mistake because everyone else could see it except you but the moment you let it disturb you for weeks and months then there’s a problem. Nobody is above mistakes and you should learn to embrace your mistakes with as much as possible believing you’ll learn from them. It seems hard but you’ll never tell if you don’t start practicing.Remember, there’s no limit except that which we place on ourselves.


Most successes forget to talk about the pride that comes with being a success. No matter how good hearted one might be, getting into the spotlight is the prime of one’s life and of course everyone wants to live in the moment. Many people have struggled with it as it gets into one’s head. While most people may say they never felt it at any moment, I believe it was there and it’s still there. They just happened to find the right coping mechanism and were able to suppress it. Bear in mind that the moment you let pride in, it’s hard if not impossible to get it out because it gets stuck to you like a leech and the negative part is you do not realize it no matter how many times you’re told. Pride causes downfall so stay humble.


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