Every negative event has a positive side although as humans,we all tend to be oblivious of that part. Each time were faced with a problem,all we do is lament and complain: why me?,why am I not like this person or that person? But life doesn’t work that way really. Everyone is working towards a certain goal or objective and even if it all sums up to one thing which is”MONEY”,we definitely won’t go through the same routes or take the same measures to get it.

There is always a positive side of something, everything in life has a positive side and a negative just like batteries 😂,it depends on the one we want to have stuck in our brains. Some people prefer to dwell on the negative side of things and they never take risks because they only think about the things that could go wrong and never about what could go right. What if everything goes wrong and you lose some money?, does it mean that the next time, everything can’t go right.

We should always try to have a positive perspective or view about life in general. If you keep on depending on your friend or someone closest to you then you’re in for disappointment. I’m sure majority have watched the movie”Squid Game”,if you haven’t then I recommend it as a must watch. In that movie,life is portrayed. When it comes to a matter of life and death, noone actually cares about you anymore. All they do is look out for themselves and having learnt to depend on others in order to achieve something simply leaves you surprised and unable to survive.


Every phase of life has a lesson attached to it ,all you have to do is learn from it. Life can’t be all good for everyone,it isn’t possible but we should live each day with the hope of a bright and positive side. Negativity does nothing but mess with your mind and you end up a mediocre in Life without even noticing it.

Risks are meant to be taken and rules are meant to be broken. All in all,there is an upside to every situation you find yourself in.

Please comment your thoughts below,you are free to share experiences where you felt like nothing positive was forthcoming anymore. Feel free to criticize and show me where I’m wrong if I am.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “THE UPSIDE”

    1. It’s nice. These days people don’t understand this concept and live in decrepit conditions feeling that there is no hope. I like how you presented this. Keep it up 🤩

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