As a young girl growing up in Nigeria, life we’ve always been taught to be a battle field and we’re brought up with so much humility and respect for elder ones. Watching movies and seeing the freedom white children possess always fascinated us and we wish to be like them. There are so many things we wish for and some never get granted,the long hair was a marvelous sight and we couldn’t help but wonder if we were cursed to be born into Such God-forsaken country. The weather over there was another thing we envied,we wished to be like them and live their lives.

We wish we could attend a sleep over or a house party,have boyfriends and do every possible thing the way they do it but then we could only dream about it and we could do nothing except wish.

Proceeding to secondary school,we meet a lot of teachers we wish we had the opportunity to talk back to .we wished to tell them that respect is not everything there is to life and to tell them that they could be wrong sometimes.. Personally,there are times I wish I could shout at my parents but I’d probably get scarred for life..

Stopping to think about it now that I’m a bit older, I see the reason for some not all of the trainings. Growing up in Nigeria makes you see a different side to life, you have the opportunity to uphold your cultural values and it helps as you grow up in life . Although,it can be painful and sometimes elders could do extreme things that’d make you cry.. Surely,you’d look back on that day and smile .

We are told to always listen to the advice of our elders but some people are Still foolish even in their 30’s .Does that mean we should listen to them too?

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