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Hello 👋, Happy New month once again. This is not really a tag but feel free to share your experience. If you take it as a tag, that’s totally fine. Just make sure to link it back to the original post( this).


The month I thought I had it all. The month I decided to wrote everyday for a year and also finish 50 books. I really thought I could pull it off and I was off to a great start, I completely forgot about my exam in March and was more occupied with writing and reading which proved to be both advantageous and disadvantageous in it’s own way. January was a mind opener, I guess writing dies open the mind to new places and things. In a nut shell, I think it’s my best month do far.


I can’t really remember what I did this month. I wrote a lot but I wasn’t as consistent as I was in January. It finally dawned on me that I was taking the SAT in March and I was really stressed out. Having to attend lessons, getting home tired,waking up early😢. It was just too much but I had no choice. February went by quickly and March came.


The exam month. The month I realized I wasn’t in any way read for my exam which was in 12 days. The month I couldn’t care less about a headache because I really needed to study. I had a lot of complications regarding the documents required for the SAT and I felt the devil was really against me writing it.

After taking the SAT, I slept like a baby and whiled away time forgetting again that I would take another exam in May(now) . Sat results came and I was tense as hell, I passed although it was lower than my expectations. April came.


Funny how this was yesterday and I can barely recall what I did with my time. I made TikToks,watched movies and around the second week I started preparing for my exam. I had to tune down my social media and I basically neglected my blog. April was a really stressful month and it made me realize just how hard reading is.

5. MAY

It’s May now. Looking forward to acing my exam and doing a lottt of things after time. I would probably have more time for myself and my blog and I would work on growing it as well as my other social media accounts. I really hope this month has something very nice in stock for me.

I guess that’s it . This months have been a rollercoaster of exams accompanied with reading and also a writer’s block. For weeks,I couldn’t really come up with something good to write. I still believe 2022 is a great year though. You can tell me what your year has been like in the comment section or as stated earlier,you could make a post about it.

Stay safe, sending lots of love ❤️.

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