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Hello 👋, I’ve been struggling with what to write 😔 so I decided to write about anything and everything.

As humans,we have our moments and troubles. Times when we feel alone, thinking about how the world just never works in our favour. We’re caught up in a web of façade trying to fit into society because we are afraid to be our true self. If the world decided to take away their standards of acceptance,some people would definitely have a new face. There are times we feel like a sword just pierced our hearts either because a Friend took our insecurities and used them against us or because we feel we’re caught up in that world where no one really understands how much we go through each day but trust me, it’s normal and you’re not alone.

You’re not the only one going through this and you definitely won’t be the last one,it’s a phase and it’ll pass. You don’t have to beat yourself up over mistakes made. You can just sigh and say life goes on. Mistakes are part of our lives,if they’re erased then you will be a different person. Finding out your best friend wasn’t really your friend hurts.. yes… But hey you just learned a lesson never to trust people again. You might be held back a year in school because of 1 lecture you decided to miss but you can’t keep blaming yourself.. you have to move on.

What/Who do you live for?

There were times I would read not because I want to but because my parents want me to. Are you a pharmacist because your grandma was one ,your mom is one and you don’t want to break the chain. That’s the worst thing you’d do to yourself. You need to learn to live for you and you alone. You need to make decisions by yourself not because your mom told you to. You have the ability to discern what’s right and wrong . Making a mistake doesn’t make you a failure after all noone is perfect… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You feel as though you’re putting in 100 percent into a friendship and you’re receiving just 2 percent?. I’ve been there. You feel you gave it your all but it’s just never enough, I’ve been there and someone else reading this post definitely has but hey you just learned a lesson. Probably there were signs telling you that this relationship is not for you but you just choose to ignore them because that’s the only person paying you attention at that moment,you just learned to never ignore such signs again. Back away when it becomes toxic, everyone can’t be your friend.

Have you ever found yourself almost slashing your wrist because a friend did you bad?. You’re not alone, people go through worse things and killing yourself doesn’t make you the heroine/hero, it makes you a fool and a coward. The coward who wasn’t strong enough to show them he/she is better off without them . The coward who gave up on the first obstacle life threw at him/ her. Friendship is needed but not compulsory,you don’t need the whole world by your side before you are happy. One or two true friends are enough…

Why would you think you’re not beautiful enough?. Beautiful enough for who?,the world which only praises you while the beauty lasts ?or someone who doesn’t appreciate your existence. Who exactly?. You’re perfect just the way you are and you don’t need to look into a mirror and say it to yourself before you believe it.

I don’t blame anyone going through all these actually.Society has put us in a position where we feel like our best isn’t good enough (, although sometimes we don’t actually put in our best). You grow up trying to live up to the standards set for you by everyone, your parents,your teachers and even your friends. You don’t read because you have to ,you read because you don’t want to get insulted at the end of the test.. it’s a pathetic world we live in. The world is so scattered to the extent that you can’t have a private conversation with your parents for fear of what their response will be but hey YOU put yourself in that position.. you are what you want to be, you’re the one who let people control you. Don’t blame others for your mistakes rather correct them and they’ll serve as a very good experience- a guide to where you’re going-


Reading different stories about depression, I find myself wondering why anyone should ever feel alone. Everyone has such times in their lives when they feel alone and unloved. Times when they need reassurance that they’re human and all that’s happening isn’t strange. It isn’t,it’s a phase. They say be careful what you wish for,you manifest your reality,you attract what you put out into the universe. As someone with anxiety,it’s terrifying.

Are you depressed?. Why?, Because you’re an illegitimate child with an evil stepmother. If nothing is going your way then make another route. Perfection is non-existent,it lives in our head trying to mould us into what we’re not . Sometimes the best things come from mistakes but that’s what we don’t understand, mistakes have to be made . I’m not writing this because I’m perfect or because I’ve gone through something no one else has gone through–NO–, I’m writing this to let you know you’re not alone,you deserve the best of everything,the best things life has to offer.Every time you are honest in a conflict situation you open yourself up to being rejected. But if you keep quiet, if you shove it down in an attempt to keep the peace, you may succeed. But it will be in exchange for your own peace.Depression is like

A taped up box

Easy to open

Packed full of

Past experience

Past mistakes

Aren’t you tired of being depressed 😔,same shit different day.

You would be surprised with how many people in your life could be going through depression at this very moment.

People hide it like a paper bag over their heads, out of fear of being judged, made fun of, seen as weak, or just not taken seriously.

Depression is hard to notice, depressed people try their best to look happy outside while something is eating them alive slowly and it’s really bad. You cannot tell how many of your friends are actually going through it until they decide to get open about it. To anyone out there suffering from this, you can’t hide it forever it’d eat you up one day..not your intestines but your mind.. and you might actually go crazy. It’s okay to reach your breaking point,it can happen to anyone anytime but you’re not alone,there are people out here who care, there are people who would help if only you let them. You are loved and you are special.

To anyone out there going through any of this, you’re not alone. I’ll always be here ,ever willing to help you get through it.

Just be yourself,noone is perfect. You create your reality and the plan of your life is mapped out by you.

10 thoughts on ““A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING””

  1. I can’t believe I just finished reading this from beginning to end and I can’t believe I haven’t been through most of the things I just finished reading. Its very relatable TBH. nice energy 👌
    I love your world and your works 🤲

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  2. Reading this actually triggers my emotions not just because I’ve been through almost everything you’ve mentioned but because I know that a lot of people are going through the same things and a lot of people are driving themselves there….but then again I must say that you’ve done a really great job because you are right….. Dying isn’t an option… Well-done 💖

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  3. I feel like I disagree with just one point you’ve added here, “The coward who gave up on the first obstacle life threw at him/ her.” There was a time when I thought so too that those who tried self harm were cowards, unwilling to face the challenges but since then I’ve had friends who’ve been at that stage, myself included, so I think using the word coward isn’t a good thing… We can never know what someone is going through, of course, that person might not be the only one to go through something, but you’re also right at Dying is never an option.

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