I am sorry, most times I don’t know how to express myself. It is hard to open up because I prefer “Let me die alone” when “Things fall apart” and I am used to my “Lonely days” which makes me “Faceless” in many situations but I know I have got a “Lion and a Jewel” and although I am surrounded by “Fences” I will never have any cause to “Look back in anger” although I am a “Black Woman” and I am used to the “Songs of the women of my land” I won’t act like a “Second class citizen” and a “Caged bird” although my land is one of “Grieve lands of Africa” we still expect an “Unexpected joy at Dawn” for us all. Still, we are “Invisible men” and “Native sons” of the land aiming to see “Wuthering Height”.

Do you know these books?

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