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Girl Issues

Quick question: In your next life, would you rather be a boy or a girl?.

Many wonder why girls have so many issues ranging from numerous insecurities to eating disorders,low self-esteem and inferiority complex admist others. I would say that’s a personal choice to make because gender doesn’t dictate my behavior and character.

However, for girls who experience such,I think there’s a reason behind some of their actions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a feminist,I’m just stating facts. While girls experience this,some boys equally do but the rate is not as high as that of the girls.

As a boy, I could be the good-looking guy every girl wants to go out with and I could be the smartest in the class. I could be the introvert who keeps his distance and spends all his day in the Library and I could be the social freak who’s less concerned about my education. I could be the play boy who messes around with people’s feelings. Depending on the role I decide to play, I would be hated by some girls ,some would take my good looks as being full of myself, some would take my introverted nature aa being proud, some would take my social nature as trying to be friends with everyone but definitely not everyone would like me.

On the other hand, I could be a girl who never talks to anyone,the nerd who always has her head buried in her books. I could be the queen bee ,the one with the social status whom everyone wants to move with. I could be the bitch who doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings. I could be the girl who gets insulted because of her stature and looks. I could be the best dancer and the celebrity with rich parents. I could be the girl who plays hard to get and I could be the girl who gets bullied or be the Bully myself 😓.

Literally,I could be anyone.

But why let someone decide your life for you. It’s your life, you ought to live it the way you want except if it means hurting people who don’t deserve it .(some people deserve to be hurt). Some girls love to play the victim card, some girls blame their problems on the fact that they are girls. You get hurt because you choose to, while somethings are extremely hurtful, some can be waved but girls rarely understand that,the smallest issue and they pick a fight. I’m not saying anybody is perfect including myself but at least have the decency to know when and when not to make a scene. You make a scene in public,get humiliated,cry your eyes out and claim you have low self-esteem because of what happened. That’s living in a fool’s paradise.

Getting insulted is something noone likes but when you know your bounds ,you’re more likely to not get insulted. Respect is reciprocal same as friendship. You don’t have to force anyone to be your friend. You don’t have to apologize for what you didn’t do just so they don’t leave. Whoever walks away from your life was not meant to be in it. Being called fat is something most people have a problem dealing with but when you know your worth,you should be able to resist getting hurt by such words. You can look good even though you’re fat but some girls don’t seem to understand this. It all depends on the aura with which you carry yourself. You don’t have to starve just to prove to someone that you can be beautiful or to show them you have a nice shape. As long as you’re not giving me money or putting money on my table, I say you have no right to insult me.

In recent society, boys looking like girls are considered cute but girls looking like boys are considered ugly well of course you’re a tom-boy. Different insults coming your way, speaking from experience partly 😂, and many people using that one weakness to taunt you every little time you get into an argument with them but guess what,if you have the looks and you don’t have the brains,you’re a bimbo and you have no right to speak to me in such way. Looks don’t decide one’s future and the moment you let it get to you, you’re on a straight path to losing your self-confidence. It’s better to learn it the easy way.

The day you start comparing yourself to someone else is the day you’ll remain in the same position. Two people are headed towards a goal but that doesn’t mean they have to follow the same route. Rather than spend time watching her every step and bothering yourself with questions like why is she more beautiful?,where did I go wrong? . You can use that time to work on yourself and improve your skills. This life isn’t a competition unless you make it one.

This post is not directed to girls only but to everyone who needs a little push to get on their feet. Don’t let anyone bully you into thinking you’re not good enough,not good enough for who exactly?. I work hard for myself not because I want to impress anybody. You don’t have to blame your problem on your gender but try to see what you’re not doing right.

Your gender is not the master of your actions and emotions. The earlier you accept that,the better.

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