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Hello 👋,

Everyone has that particular (special) thing that makes them happy. It sèrves as a comfort zone. It could be a place,an activity or anything you can think of and it relieves them of stress,they feel very comfortable doing that thing and it seems to offload all their burdens. For me, that thing is writing.

I was really frustrated one day and I was angry at everything and everyone around me. To be honest, I didn’t know what to do and there was no particular reason behind this frustration and anger of mine. Then, I started writing… I wrote anything and everything, meaningful and meaningless till my fingers gave out and suddenly I was calm. No pent-up anger, no sadness, I was normal (I wasn’t abnormal before though). I realized that writing was my safe haven,my comfort zone. It helps me forget about everything and I feel untouchable within the ink of my pen, nothing gets to me.

I have 2 safe havens actually,the other is my imagination /my fantasy. I can think of the stupidest things and act out many things there. I could be a queen or a warrior and imagine myself fight a battle. If I feel threatened by a situation, I would imagine it went well in my head and most times it works out fine. If you could see my imagination,you’d be confused as to what kind of person I am. But basically, imagining different things relieves me of my stress and calms me.

As humans,we feel angry , sad and every other negative feeling at a certain point in our lives and if there’s nothing we can do to salvage the situation,we might end up venting those feelings an innocent people around us. A safe haven is something that provides us with an opportunity to escape from threatening, unpleasant or worrisome situations. I believe everyone has a safe haven whether we realize it or not. We just haven’t figured it out. I proceeded to ask my friends what theirs was and I got different replies.

The first person said her safe haven was baking. When baking, she feels happy,the mixture of different ingredients brings her joy and knowing she’s going to eat whatever she’s baking makes her extra happy. Baking has become more than a mere activity,it’s an activity that she believes helps her both mentally and psychologically.

The second person said: When you say something is my Safe haven you are trying to imply what I have as my escape from unfavorable situations and that is why I chose Creativity because I know I perform my best with thinking and resolving solutions and I do this so well as I will be able to think well even under pressure.

I also put emphasis on the Designing as I know it is d one place I go to when things go bad. Happy or sad, good or bad. Being Creative with my designs is always my last resort as it makes me express my mood easily and when there is no one to talk to.

I also chose designing as my safe haven because I know for a fact that I am good at it and if things don’t go well with my career in engineering I can fall on my design career.

This person views designing and creativity as something that helps him express his feelings and he thinks it’ll also be of great help in the future.

The third person said: My mind is my safe haven.That’s the only place where I get to do what I want, be what I want and live how I want… 😂😂
And no one can take it from me.

In other words, her fantasies,as I want to call it, help her. She could be a Disney princess and no one would tell her she’s not. She could be anything, anytime, anyday. After all,the best ideas are conceived in the mind.

The fourth person said: My safe haven is my room because I feel protected there. I don’t really know how to explain this so you’re free to interprete it yourself 😂.

And the last person said he doesn’t have and I strongly disagree with that. Are you like him?. Like I said earlier,every human has a safe haven whether they’ve realized it or not. It’s not compulsory to identify it but I believe it’s necessary to have a stress relief. You can’t just go around punching anyone you see because you’re angry. That way,you’d be a bully. Bullies have no safe haven,theirs is bullying. Inflicting pain on others helps them get away from the pain and insecurities they’re facing. It helps them believe they’re strong although they’re weak. A safe haven doesn’t have to be an activity,it could be a place ,it could be your imagination,it could be anything.

I don’t know why it’s of interest to me but to anyone reading this post, I’d love to know your safe haven, what helps you get away from pain and other bad situations?.

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