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Hello πŸ‘‹,

Although I have exams, I feel like I’m neglecting writing. I’ve been reading a lot , everything and anything including blog posts and I just had to squeeze out time to write mine.. besides,I’m keeping my streaks 😁18days now……let’s get into it although it’s totally unedited(instant)

Be different positively and not negatively. Everyone has their own definition of positive and negative things(good and bad things)and I believe everyone is entitled to their own point of view. This is mine and if my bad things come off as good to you, there’s no problem. It’s just my point of view.

Being different is not necessarily being unique,it just means doing things your own. Being yourself (no human is the same). I came across a post regarding the lgbtq+ community and the writer was really attacking homophobic people.. but you can’t really blame us. God created us to get married as man and woman and growing up that has been our belief. So why would anyone just wake up and get attracted to the same sex? That’s being different in a negative way for me but I won’t judge anyone. Some people have really suffered in the hands of men and women and maybe they feel falling in love with people like them is the solution-not to me though-. Note: I’m not judging or referring to anyone in particular.

Being different is going the extra mile when no one else wants to. Taking dangerous risks. When I say dangerous risks, I don’t mean going to steal and putting yourself in an eligible position for prison. Dangerous risks like sneaking out to attend school when no one in your community goes to school πŸ˜…, going for the career you want even though your parents give you no allowance because of your decision (that’s hard, food is life) .

Being different is saying the truth when no one else wants to. Being honest is really hard in some cases to be honest especially when you have to defend your friend .In my book, friendship is first though🀷. Being different is working hard to make your money even when you’re lured to go through deceitful methods, it’s really tempting you know. Being different is sharing that daily dose of friendship in a society where even family members don’t care about each other anymore.

Being different is being many things,it depends on your beliefs. I’m lost hereπŸ˜©πŸ˜…… just tell me your definition of different in the comment section. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “BE DIFFERENT”

  1. My definition of different is that human trait, which distinguishes you from the others. Call it unique? But that’s how it is, we’re all human beings as one species yet so different from each other in thoughts, beliefs, appearance, etc. And that’s why, we’re different from each other.

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