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Hello Ayo,

This is a letter from a younger version of yourself. I have so many questions to ask and I hope everything worked out the way we planned it.

How many new stamps does your passport have?…. I really hope it’s not less than 10, how many countries have you toured? Do you record the memories or you’re still the fool that thinks you’ll relive them again? How many languages have you learnt?. How many people have you interacted with and how many times have you been interviewed?… I expect a shelf full of degrees and awards not limited to education of course but also certificates of community work and help rendered to souls who need it?

If everything went according to plan ,your house should be full of cars and you should own at least 3 private jets. I know you didn’t forget to save up a lot of money while knowing the difference between your fake friends who are there for the money and the real ones. Also remember that there are times you would have to take decisions that are good for your mental health and peace of mind. That’s your first and foremost priority.

How about that common sense?, Is it still missing or you found it 😅?. Do you still write or you lost your brains?. I’d also love to know if you dealt with procrastination or it found a safe place to stay within you?Do you still overthink everything or you have developed a better sense of humour ?… Learn to let go, In this life, people will hurt you people will treat you bad, the ones you love will stab you in the back, the ones you love will turn their backs against you, even your children will go up against you. So never take anything too personal and create space for hurt and offenses.

Do you still eat as much as you used to or you’ve grown lean?… Do you read as many books as you can or your life is still as boring as it was?.. Do you sleep as much as you can,it’s very essential. Remember to take care of that skin,it has to keep on glowing and shining.

How is Adulthood treating you?,Is it as fun as you hoped it’d be and are you as excited as you were about it? Do you have kids and do they trouble you. Do they laugh at your jokes?. Can you view their status or you’re a boring mom? I hope you got over your insecurities and the fear of what people are going to think about your actions?. I hope you now take decisions for yourself and you no longer let anyone control you or get into your thoughts. I hope you learnt to take things easy with yourself. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a long race and you’re not in it just to “win.” Be gentle with yourself. Be messy sometimes. Let it all go. Embrace all of your learnings and cherish your experiences because they truly are divinely fated.

Love yourself and remember that you’re the best version of you. I hope to receive a response in the future.

Hugs and kisses😘,

Your present self.


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