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Hello πŸ‘‹,

As children, most of us had misplaced priorities. We attached important to irrelevant things like not being allowed to play with sand πŸ˜…, not attending a birthday party and many other childish things we kept on whining about.

We thought adulthood was freedom but honestly it’s not, even the teenage years are stressful, having to deal with so many things ranging from psychological issues to emotional and physical stuffs

Back to the topic, there was a time I would cry if I didn’t have the latest Hannah Montana wristwatch or the latest glasses in town but now I don’t even wear watches. Growing up,we discover things we weren’t trained for,things we weren’t taught in schools and things our parents couldn’t possibly teach us completely. We learn that this world is a survival ground and everyone looks out for themselves. Our parents won’t be here forever and they’ll definitely stop making decisions for us one day.

What do you prioritize?

Having to visit the club at least once every week or having to attend a party every weekend? . I hope you know that involves money which you most likely don’t have. Do your priorities involve having many friends or keeping less that won’t ruin you ?.

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