Hello πŸ‘‹,

Well, I couldn’t come up with a better title for this post.


My 3rd worst day of the week. A day I get reminded of the daily struggles and harsh realities of life. A day that reminds me of just how much work I have to put in, and it’s definitely a day that leaves me almost dead at the end.


A very normal day, probably with the left overs of stress from Monday taking its toll on my face πŸ˜‚. Tuesdays are normal but then you realize you just lost a day of hustle and you have less days to get what you want.


Wednesdays are my 4th worst day. They’re usually choked up and the sun decides to have a second feast where we’re the food getting roasted. Wednesdays are stressful.


My best day of the week. I have no particular reason for this,it’s just a day I hardly get stressed,a day I have enough time to rest.


Thank God it’s Friday,you’re reminded that the weekend is approaching although it brings more sadness than joy. Friday stands in the middle.


The worst day of the weekkk. I have to clean for hours in the morning

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