Freedom is one thing I/we always want as a teenager. Freedom to do what we want when we want. Freedom to go out without informing anyone. Freedom to buy things we want whether our parents deem it appropriate or not. Freedom to have any friend we want to have without complaints and the most important. Freedom to take as many meats as we want from the pot😂.

But is that actually freedom?. Is freedom good? . In this life, freedom is one of the many things we can’t have,we think we have it but we really don’t. Having the freedom to buy what you want when you want doesn’t guarantee your chances of having the funds to buy it. Freedom to take meat from the pot without hindrance doesn’t mean there’ll always be meat in the pot. Freedom to do as you like doesn’t mean you can just kill someone who offends you without having to cover your tracks. Freedom is just the tag we give to our realized fantasies and wishes. Oh!, I wish to be free.

Freedom kills.

Having the freedom to drive doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the traffic rules. You might as well get drunk before driving then you’ll have the freedom you desire on your way to wherever the dead go. Freedom is joy which when unbridled serves as the pathway to your destruction.

Everyone says I want to be free as a bird,do you think birds are really free?,birds of their kind after them,they have hunters to worry about,they have to look for food and avoid being killed in the process.

You think the lion is free because it is the king of the jungle. That freedom is limited,it has to hunt down food for the family and keep watch over them. How is that freedom.

Freedom doesn’t make you immune to kidnapping and murder. You think you’re free but you’re not.FREEDOM is actually slavery and slavery is actually freedom. They work hand in hand . Human beings can never be free.

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