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Why should you be successful is the question ⁉️. Are you worth being a success. I’m not trying to bring anyone down,I just want to state some facts. Not everyone in this world can be successful and that’s a choice we make for ourselves. Poverty is not something a man would pray for and if you’re born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor then it certainly is your fault.

Back to the topic, you shouldn’t be successful because not everyone has the opportunity to,some people just happen to be Passing Over Opportunities Regularly (poor). We all can’t be successful because then life wouldn’t be sweet for the successful ones. Who would do the work of the gatemen,the teachers,the cooks ,the maids and a lot more. Hoping for the best and being patient is a virtue that most people lack but that virtue is utterly useless if it isn’t backed up by hardwork.

Walk up to a genuine successful man and ask him the secret behind his wealth,you’ll understand that there’s a back story to every success. It doesn’t happen within a day and If you think it does,why are people who sell books on how to be successful not successful. You have to practice what you preach.

In an interview with bill gates,the reporter asked the secret to his success and he gave her a cheque to write any amount on it but she refused. This happened thrice then he told her unlike you, I don’t misuse opportunities, you could have been the richest reporter..

Grab the chance when you see one . Living a fake life and claiming to have the money when you really don’t will only humiliate you at the end and you’d turn out to be a mediocre. Make plans for your life but please don’t. Life needs to have some flavor for those of us who want to be successful.

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