Hello 👋,

I’ve actually missed writing and I miss my blog 😂(it’s not been long though). I don’t know what I’m about to write so it’s an #INSTANT


Goes both ways. It’s reciprocal(sounds like maths😂). Most people don’t see the need to respect other people’s privacy, religion,gender,préférences,rules and a lot more and it’s very sad.


How would you feel if someone barged in while you’re naked. Happy, right?. So why would you go into someone’s room without knocking the door. That’s one of the reasons rooms have doors, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s really not a nice thing. Imagine turning the knob and you realize the door is locked, I really pray you hit your head hard.


“she’s not a Christian,she can’t be our friend”…. Moments later,”he/she commits suicide”. Does Christianity or any other religion allow killing people with your words. I hope you get a spot right next to the Devil. Religion is not supposed to create a division between people. There’s unity in Diversity and people have different backgrounds so no one ABSOLUTELY NO ONE should be disrespected on the basis of Religion.


I’m not a feminist and I won’t say I believe in equality but women should not be disrespected likewise men. You don’t have to make anyone feel bad because they’re a different gender. It’s no one’s fault and everyone is unique in their own little way no matter the gender. GENDER INEQUALITY is really bad and most stereotypes that come with it are really insensible.


” I don’t like Mango fruit so I don’t like you”. Put your hand on your chest and say “I’M STUPID”. That’s the most silly reason not to like a person. We all can’t like the same things or do the same things. If we could,why don’t we look the same and why are we not all connected to a single brain?. Sometimes,we need to settle down and rethink how we judge people. “He likes soccer,he must be mean”. He might be better than you. “DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER”.


Some people have rules they live by. “Pray everyday, Read everyday ..etc” and we should really respect that. Some set limits for themselves”I wouldn’t do this till I’m 18 years of age”. You don’t need to disrespect them or disregard their feelings. Life is all about choice. You wouldn’t like it if someone comes into your personal space and insults you. Rules are made to be followed not broken and we all have different lives to lead.

Let’s try to respect everyone we come across. It’d do us a world of good.

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