How else do you want to explain that you do not want everybody to know about your private life? Privacy invasion does not only mean entering someone’s room without knocking.

I bet you, invading someone’s private life makes you worried and depressed instead of getting the fun you desire. Depressed by seeing that the victim is better than you, or such person is doing well. Why don’t you use the time you use in invading someone’s privacy to be a better version of yourself.

At some point, even biography becomes an invasion of privacy. Yes, I’m well.

To those that invade; have you ever thought of the embarrassment. Not to talk of the humiliation. Don’t you feel uncomfortable doing it. It can cause a distrust of family, friends and possibly yourself. You can lose the trust you have ever had in someone. But what on earth were you looking for? Don’t you think you can avoid this? Yes, you can. As earlier said, use the time to become a better version of yourself.

If you’re the person whose privacy is invaded, you can feel paranoid. It ruins your feeling of security. It’s the violation of your most personal thoughts and things you keep. You’re the one who gives them the permission to do so by being soft about it. Now, instead of being passive- making no reaction to the invasion or being aggressive- getting mad behind the person. Do yourself a favor and confront them when they do it.

You find yourself doing eitheir of these:
FLOCKING: Talk about it to others.
FLEE: Running away from the problem.
FREEZE: Just doing nothing- locking up mentally.
FIGHT: Going back at those invading your privacy.
You create privacy by building a wall around your affairs that requires initiation .

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