Reality as it’s been portrayed.

One day I realized it: The cruel reality of the world we live in, the cruel reality which lies dormant within this so called peaceful world . A world portrayed as peaceful and wonderful, a world we all should appreciate living in. To share my opinion I think that’s crap. Regardless of the fact that I’m human; Human beings are so selfish and evil. I can confidently say I support the aliens from the movies where they call us inferior and want to end our race and i have my reasons for saying what I said. how can you comfortably lead a country where millions have people to provide for and you “an elected leader ” (not being directed to anyone at all. I don’t want to die young.) and your fellow comrades keep embezzling money and everything. Where grown men stand up to try and help their fellow Nigerians to create a safer country where terrorist are labelled under the alias off “herdsmen” are labelled under the alias of “Terrorists” and because of their noble actions they are hunted and treated like animals . These grown men who actually try to help have no place in the political hierarchy, they are just average citizens who feel like they have part of the means and the just cause to do something that can help and better the welfare of others, we Nigerians live in a country where people who don’t actually behave like monsters are labelled as monsters and enemies of the society and more. It’s actually sickening to hear or witness. Such injustice doesn’t only happen in my country Nigeria. it happens all of earth. in the most prominent places too. places like the U.k, the United states, Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest. On this planet earth, our fellow human, same flesh and blood type, same species, same genetic structure are being massacred, being tortured, being used as lab experiments without their consent.

It pains me as I quote “They have money for war but can’t feed the poor.” We have constantly been shown that true monsters aren’t beast with fourteen eyes and 7 sets of fangs rather the real monster on earth are the humans, whether the fact is accepted or not. using my country Nigeria as an example. Several humans suffer daily because they cannot see 50 Naira to use and feed but many prominent Nigerian men have houses, mansions in the best of estates filled with nothing but money. Severally I have seen houses where billions were discovered after a fire broke out all that money wasted. money that even if less that a quarter was given to people it could change their lives. yet out of the wickedness which come out of heart we become truly worst than evil.

I’d like to continue but my time is up. Bare in mind that karma is a really big bitch. I’m the Miinister and thank you for checking out my thoughts.

True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” – M.L.K

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