Hello 👋,

Not every relationship works out the way you want it to(not limited to romantic relationships). You might want to build a cordial relationship with your parents but they just don’t have the time. Your friend might not be there for you when you need it and you’d get upset without bothering to inquire about their mental health. They might be going through the worst period of their lives.


This is a basic skill required in every relationship. How do you expect a relationship to work out if you don’t talk to each other. You have to express yourself well enough and convey your feelings appropriately. Lack of communication leads to numerous misunderstandings in a relationship. -COMMUNICATION IS KEY-.


An acquaintance is different from a friend. Before a person can be classified as a friend, you have to trust the person. A relationship that’s not based on trust is a failed one. You won’t believe the words of someone you do not trust so how can you call the person your friend. I’m not advising anyone to trust everyone blindly. Trusting people is up to you, everyone has different set standards.


Being honest in a relationship can be very hard. Having to tell someone what they did was wrong and uncalled for while maintaining their good books. Point is –TRUTH HURTS- but it’s the best way to go about a relationship. They might get angry because you told them the truth but lie to someone and wait for the person’s reaction when they find out all you’ve ever said was a lie.


Everyone has important things going on in their lives but make it a habit to take out time to check up on all your friends. Regular check ups could build a relationship. Yes ,you’re busy but you still check up on their mental state and other things. That alone could put a smile on someone’s face for days. This is different from communication.


NO, you do not own your friend or partner. They are not your property. You don’t need to get jealous because they have other people around them(you should know your place in a relationship). You don’t need to have them to yourself only. You don’t need to monitor their every action,it’s not right. They’d soon get tired of you.


Nobody is perfect,were human not machines and we’re bound to make mistakes. Humans are a combination of every part of their lives including their mistakes. Removing the mistakes would mean you aren’t actually you. No matter how big the mistake may be, learn to forgive because no one is above mistakes. Lack of forgiveness would lead to a failed relationship. FORGIVE EVEN BEFORE THE MISTAKE IS MADE. You might reach your limits but you wouldn’t be shocked if you expect the worst from people ( sometimes even yourself).


Can you be friends with someone you don’t love?. The end of love in a relationship is the beginning of a failed one. As long as the love is still in existence, the relationship would work out. – LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS AS YOURSELF-…… I don’t have a Vital point but just love everyone (reasonable person) you come across.


Every relationship should have set boundaries or limits. There should be clear do’s and don’ts which one shouldn’t flout. Knowing your limits helps a relationship ,know the extent to which you can go. Respect the person’s opinions. You can put in extra efforts but do not overstep your boundaries. Do not force the vibe

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