Hello πŸ‘‹,

“If you’re born poor,it’s not your fault,but if you die poor,it’s your fault.” “Being poor means Passing Over Opportunities Regularly”….

These are statements I’ve heard from numerous people at different times and I must say in some cases,it’s the truth as some people remain poor due to their ignorance however some people do not fall under this category. In a country/ society where the poor are exploited or where they have to sell their bodies to make a living, I don’t think it’s about passing over opportunities because there are barely any and it’s for limited people:the influential among the poor. Sometimes, hearing the confessions of a thief and what led him or her to that situation makes me pity them rather than despise them because staying good in a corrupt and scattered society takes a whole lot of effort and good will.

However,it’s also arguable that the poor cause problems upon themselves. The rich give birth in numbers of twos and threes although they can cater for hundreds then you see the poor giving birth to tens of thousands with the hope of one becoming successful someday. That’s BULLSHIT!. Which one exactly is going to be successful when there’s no Money to train any,the cost of feeding all of them has taken up whatever money there could have been for education purposes and most times you see them abandon their children in pursuit of a greener pastures creating more dregs in society. “Do not bite more than you can chew”,but NO, some people can’t take to that little advice then they end up with more problems than they were born with.

Poverty isn’t the end of the world although it’s something no one ever wants to experience but sometimes you have to fail in order to value success. Sometimes, you just have to push a little bit and not believe you were made to be poor. If you ask every legitimate rich person how they became rich, you’d be shocked. Have you read the history of Ben Carson?, you’d wonder why you’re not yet successful although you’re intelligent cos he was a total dumb skull πŸ˜… but today he’s one of the best neurosurgeons out there and that’s because he was determined. He didn’t give up. Wasn’t he poor too?

Another thing is having the right people by your side, sometimes it gets really frustrating and annoying when you realize you’re the only one fighting for a better future. Surround yourself with people that think like you-not shallow minds though-. People who believe in your dreams and people who would go to any length to ensure that you’re successful.

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