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This morning,I was tagged so many times in the blog recommendations by Devangi and honestly I was so happy because I didn’t know I was that good. Thank you very much Devangi. I’m really happy that people in the blogging community still motivate each other and share their favorite bloggers. I’ve been busy lately but I just have to do this , please check out the blogs I’ll be tagging. Thank you in advance and even if I don’t tag you on the post, I’m tagging you as long as you view this post (I can’t tag everyone) so you can do yours as well. Spread the Love.

The Blogger Recommendations Tag is essentially a way for bloggers to share some of their favorite bloggers with their readers. It helps the readers discover more blogs and also brings appreciation to the bloggers mentioned.

The Rules:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
  2. Mention the creator of the tag: Nehal @Quirky Pages
  3. List the rules.
  4. Share one or more bloggers you think fits into each criteria.
  5. The people you mention will be considered tagged.
  6. Apart from the ones you shared, you can tag other bloggers and notify them.
  7. Just have fun!!

Here’s the list of prompts:

  • A fascinating blog theme
  • A lovely home page
  • Great book reviews
  • Amazing humour
  • Mind-blowing poems and stories
  • The friendliest
  • The most consistent
  • The best at sharing tips
  • The talented artist
  • Cool site name
  • The underrated

Let’s go: This will probably be my longest post😂.


Annika Perry   


King KongUniquely fit

Uniquely fit

Learn 4 free

You can check out their blogs to understand why I tagged them. Their blog theme just gives a different feeling. It makes you feel comfortable as a reader and the color blend is very amazing.


Annika Perry              cuisinetrip
King Kong
Learn 4 free

Yes, I nominated the same blogs as the ones in number one. Just visit their blogs and have a look.


Pinay Ajumma Annika Perry

These two bloggers give very fantastic book reviews. No matter how boring the book might be,their review just makes you want to read the book. They are really really amazing and talented.


Dr Eric Perry Anna, Annasstyles

Dr Eric Perry employs the use of humor in most of his posts,he uses ideas and funny statements to make you understand exactly what you’re reading, I just found his blog a few days ago but trust me,it’s superb and I keep wondering why I didn’t come across it earlier. I tagged Annasstyles because I love her write ups,she uses humour as well as dark humour in her write ups. Her use of dark humour is constructed in a way that impacts positively. She writes from her point of view and speaking of humor,her sense of humor is absolutely excellent. She gives you reasons why you shouldn’t do good things but those reasons make you want to do good things all your life. Her blog is fascinating.


Ranjhan Meelah thepoetsbillow Devangi Sui Generis pickmeuppoetry

Ranjhan, the poet billows and pick me up poetry write very amazing poems. Poems that are inspiring, educative,fun and almost everything. Ranjhan and Devangi share interesting stories about India and their culture. I love the fact that they promote their culture and their posts makes me want to become an Indian. They also write about other interesting things. Shanyu(sui Generis) is also a good writer,his poems carry a lot of emotions and his stories are always interesting to read. Meelah is an artist and a poet and her poems are intriguing to say the least. They are mind-blowing, I wish to become a poet like all these people one day. The poet billows and pick me up poetry also organize writing activities, feel free to check out their blogs.


Devangi dios-raw Ranjhan

These are the most friendly bloggers I’ve met. Devangi keeps me motivated by always having something positive to say, she’s always the first to like my posts so I decided to get in touch with her and although I haven’t known her for a long time,she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met. Amber(dios raw) is another friendly blogger,her heart has space for just about everybody. She’s interested in people’s lives and she even went ahead to create a group where everyone could come together and share their thoughts and problems, a group where no one is treated differently. She’s a really friendly soul and she really cares for her friends. Ranjhan is also very friendly, he doesn’t hesitate to let you know how he feels. Sometimes when I feel like I wrote absolute rubbish,a notification pops up with his comment and I think I’m the best writer


dios-raw Cristian mihai and his 2 blogs👇. Cristianmihai Artofblogging UniquelyFitblog

These 4 blogs are the reasons why I lack space on my phone. A day doesn’t pass without getting at least 10 emails notifying me of their posts and I always wonder how they come up with such fantastic posts. It takes time for me to develop a post but these bloggers post at least twice in an hour . Their blogs are wonderful


Cristianmihai artofblogging Anna, annasstyles Dr Eric Perry

Cristianmihai shares tips on how to make your blog a better one and Dr Eric Perry does almost the same. Cristianmihai gives enough tips on blogging and even invites blogger to join the hub where writers can promote their blogs. Dr Eric Perry is more of a consultant,he also shares blogging tips but mainly tips on life, mental health and the likes. Anna shares tips on becoming a better person,posts like how to deal with failure,how to deal with stress ,the how to posts and others have really helped me. The art of blogging is another blog Cristian owns,he also shares excellent blogging tips there.


starlitden Meelah. lemanshots

Starlitden is more of a Japanese story blog, Anime lovers will definitely find it amazing. I tagged him because of the pictures,they always make the stories more appealing. He doesn’t really fit into this category but I guess I just felt the need to tag him. Meelah is a talented artist indeed,she is into artistic nudity and she’s great at it. She also writes poems explaining the drawings and I think that’s an art too. She’s very talented to say the least. Leman shots deals with digital art and she’s very talented too,I just discovered her blog so I don’t really have much to say but she’s good,that’s one thing I know.


Fancy world of writing

I just love the site name FANCY WORLD OF WRITING. Just seeing the title motivated you to read the content and then the url is the puzzled teenager . Some site names just come with a different attraction that lures you to the blog.


Devangi Very high and Spiritual Ranjhan

Devangi, Zara(very high and Spiritual) and Ranjhan are really underrated bloggers. They don’t get half the attention they deserve. Reading their post makes me feel like I don’t write enough. Their niche, Choice of words and all their posts deserves more viewers.

I’m very tired😩 and I have a lot of things to do if not I would have written more about these poems but please check them out . If I didn’t tag you, feel free to tag yourself. I can’t tag everyone but @orededrum,@renard’s world,@king Kong ,@beste book @wandering ambivert. You are specially tagged



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