This is a constant topic of debate and I thought I should share my view about it. No piece of art work can be said to be solely the person’s idea. To define art as revolutionary is to insinuate that your inspiration didn’t come from anyone and nobody motivated you in anyway.

To write a blog post,you can’t just take a pen and paper and suddenly an idea that no one has thought of pops up in your head. Some words could be from a post you read in the past,it could be the words of a great person. You don’t need to rack your brain and waste hours trying to unveil some spectacular writing to prove your art. You can simply read another person’s write up and then develop an idea of your own. I don’t mean passing off another person’s idea or writing the exact same thing the person wrote,that would be wrong.

Just like my previous post,one line you read can be re-created in your head and you can form an idea of your own. If using someone’s ideas to form yours is plagiarism then most painters would be sued. Don’t waste your time staring at a blank piece of paper, you can start with someone’s words and from there,the wisdom would flow.

In my opinion,Art is revolutionary through plagiarism.


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