Ouch!,it hurts
Looking down,I saw a large pile of stones
All threatening to sting my bare feet
If I took a step further

Should I take the risk or not?
There was a treat waiting for me ahead
A gift of different meanings
A dream I fought for gallantly

I stepped carefully on the stones
Drops of blood accompanying each step
I was leaving behind a trail of blood
And my feet stung with every move

After what seemed like eternity,
I got to the anticipated place
Where my treat lay awaiting me
I took it eagerly, knowing I had worked for it

I had achieved success
My dreams had come to pass
However not without great sacrifices

Success doesn’t come without a price but most people fail to understand that. They think it’s something you just grab, something that’s within the teach of everyone but no it’s something that takes time to achieve . It can’t be bought with money but sweat,not drops of sweat but a swimming pool of it.

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