So I stole that from a book on Wattpad: Those little things- because it hit a nerve in me.

Love is not all about saying I love you to that one person who seems to be your entire world. love is not a word that should be only said,it should be felt,shared and shown. It should be from the heart,it shouldn’t be forced,it shouldn’t be an act you put on just so people would not think you have a heart of stone. It’s a genuine expression and feeling. However, people now take love as a romantic feeling,only deeming it fit to be expressed towards their partner . But NO!, YOUR FRIENDS need love too. They need help,no matter how much they smile, there’s always a problem underneath. There’s something they’re dealing with that noone else understands, something that’s unfathomable and the only thing you can think about is to be angry as to why they haven’t reached out to you ,why can’t you reach out to them instead?. Life is all about give and take, trust me,if you reach out to people during their time of need, during yours, you’d be shocked at how loved you are.

Life is something we have no control over and those little things just pop up when we have absolutely no idea they would but what can we do?. We don’t expect our friends to go around broadcasting their problems. As friends , we should notice when they have issues and are struggling with something. Life is not just about having fun and wearing clothes and taking pictures,it’s about caring about other people too. No one actually knows when death will strike,it’s like a thief but it doesn’t wait till night,it snatches anytime. Don’t wait till your friend is dead before you finally understand all that they’ve gone through and the issues they had before death.

Sometimes that warmth and smile is all they actually need to keep going,to know they’re wanted and accepted,to Feel that the world wants them. You might save someone from commiting suicide without realizing it. Every act of kindness counts in a way or the other and you really don’t know how far your love will go in helping them. Everyone has PROBLEMS, we’re all human. Be one with FEELINGS. BE ONE that cares. Be someone your friends never want to lose,put them before yourself, help them in anyway possible.

To those who say they’re Christ-like,it’s not all about being like Christ. Do you have his characters,are you kind? Examine yourself,are you a good friend?. Don’t just post spiritual awakening things ,act like it. Reach out to your enemies too,there might be a reason behind those actions you term bad that you just don’t understand because you seem to never look past the evil in them. Everyone has that weakness or fear that has broken them and some of those weaknesses are capable of turning people into monsters. As humans with humane feelings,we should help. It’s not right to just walk past and act like all is good. One day, you too might need help and depending on your actions,it might or might not be forthcoming.


In the book I stole those words of advice from. Hassana was a girl in the clique. One you would think had no problems of her own,she was always happy,never letting anything spoil her day . Unfortunately, even her friends couldn’t look past that smiley face and they couldn’t decipher in time the things that were wrong with her not until a total stranger let them in on a little of the many things that were wrong with her. She had a fall out with her best friend and she was told to die for everyone’s good,she ended up committing suicide and her friends had to live with the guilt that they were never really good friends to her, possibly one of the causes of her death. If you need a link to the book,inform me.

Say good words to people no matter how bad they’ve hurt you. Words kill faster than arrows and guns and one word could mess up a person’s world without you knowing it so be careful of what you say to others. Apparently, no one is perfect but we can work on our imperfections if we really want to. Don’t blame your actions on your imperfections because that’s totally wrong,you decide the actions you take so it’s entirely your fault.


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