There’s a speck of dust
There’s a slight crack that can’t be fixed only mended
There’s a mark,that can’t go away no matter how hard I try
There’s a scar that wouldn’t leave even if I try a thousand times
There’s an image you’ve painted of me that I’m trying to fix
There’s a space intended for me
If I could be perfect
There’s a position I can’t get to because I’m me
I’m the most flawed and I just don’t fit in
I need to be shaped and designed again
By you…. Although you aren’t the creator.

That’s not a poem but I don’t know what it is.
Moral lesson:. In life, noone is perfect, except our creator. Everyone has a flaw and something that’s between them and perfection , trying to be perfect is a waste of precious time. It’s an unachievable feat, humans are designed to be imperfect. Dwelling on those flaws and trying to fit into a certain clique is not the right thing to do. Rather form your own clique,the right one for you. You may be far from perfect but everyone is in one way or another,let noone deceive you into thinking they’re perfect and can make you perfect too. Instead of doing that,focus on your areas of specializations and work on them,work on your flaws too but don’t try to make yourself perfect , not for anyone or anything.

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