Seated on a mountain’s peak A pleasant sight lies in front of me The beauty of this vast world Shall remain in my memory The images the clouds form in my head
And the building which look like tiny pieces from above.

But peering a little bit deeper, I see the emptiness of this world

The higher I get, the faster it fades and nothing is left in sight except the air and the clouds which would eventually drift into nothingness.
The shadows will no longer be seen
And we shall all depart then the earth Will return to it’s original state..

Void and Empty.

I don’t even understand what I wrote 🤣🤣,just some moments of deep thinking. If you do understand, please 🥺 explain it to me.

2 thoughts on “POETRY”

  1. I believe the poem is mentioning the beauty of nature if humankind was to depart from Earth, after which the Earth would come back to its original empty state that was before the beginning of the existence of humankind. Beautiful theme!

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