Funny how a site title gave me something to write about.

*Overthinking is a talent I must say,it requires time,energy and a lot of brainpower. You must be jobless if you can sit down ,analyse a situation and give it a deeper insight. Don’t get me wrong, pondering over an argument you just had and what you could have said is different from overthinking. Most people think overthinkers deserve one motivational speech or the other but haven’t we had enough of that .If words won’t make you see what a big fool you are ,I bet insults will get the job done.

A little speech and you’re already thinking about all the things that have gone wrong in your life,I won’t tell you to focus on the good things,why should you? . If there was something good, you’d have thought about it already. You think your condition is the worst that could happen, become a therapist and you’d view life in a different light.

The annoying part of pointless overthinking is when it’s about someone being better than you. The person is better than you not because you’re dumb or because the person has everything planned out,it’s because the person is better than you. Periodt!!. If I could be the human mind for a minute, I’d give you a list of a million people who are better than you,maybe then you’d have more things to be worried about and more reasons to cry.


The most stupid thing a person could do is compare themselves to others. There’s a difference between comparison and admiration. If you still have to remind yourself each day that you’re a winner then you’re a loser . Yes, overthink it. Simple play,you won’t take part in and when asked why, you’d say you didn’t want to look stupid. What’s the essence of playing if you don’t look stupid😏😂.

  • Think about what could go right and not what could go wrong.
  • If you want to be in someone’s shoes,go steal a pair and wear them.
  • If you think life is too hard,try boiling it.
  • If you think you can’t be successful then just remain unsuccessful, don’t sweat it .



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  1. It was just like I yesterday noticed something and wrote a poem on it. It was ” click to back, hold to see history”. 😂 By the way I agree with your whole blog. ✌️

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