When the topic maturity comes up ,most people see it as a post acquired by them,a name placed on their forehead and they say yes I’m matured. Here’s something you should know:you aren’t because if you were,you wouldn’t need to brag about it.
Maturity is keeping quiet when the floor is yours in a fight. Maturity is facing your problems and putting on a happy face and when I say problems,I don’t mean ‘boyfriend issues “. Most teenagers take their silence to certain issues they have no say in maturity. Some people I know take it as refraining from beating up your mate because you have the body structure (no names).

Maturity is knowing when to speak and when not to, knowing how to handle situations that threaten your piece of mind, knowing your friends and foes while getting along with both(I can’t do that).
Maturity is being able to make decisions for the betterment of your life and when I say decisions ,I mean important ones.
What’s your definition of maturity?
Mine is leaving the small ice cream left for a younger one(that takes courage ).

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