Build a home not a house,

Build a home and surround it with love,

Not a house surrounded with beauty.

Build a home that stays forever,

Not a house that can come crashing down,

Build a home where you can live in peace,

Not a house you’ll be scared of living in,

Build a home with lots of blissful memories,

Not a House full of mistakes and worries,

Build a place your children can call home,

Not a Place they regard as their father’s house

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There’s a difference between a house and a home. Home is always in your heart,it’s a place where the family is not a house where you live in but these days, people are more concerned with the comfort of excessive luxuries that they forget the true importance of family and the meaning attached to it. Parents barely have time for their children and they believe it’s all about money but a parent’s care and love is worth much more than riches. There’s really no place like home .

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