Hello,it’s been a long time since I posted here and that’s sad. However, I still got some support occasionally. Writing is actually not very easy I must confess😂 and at first I blamed it on school work but now school is over and it’s not like I’ve been really preparing for any exam. I guess I’m just lazy 😓 but I believe everyone had their setbacks and challenges or is it only me?.

Long story short, I’ve decided to stop my lazy attitude towards writing because I believe I’m depriving you people of something and I’ve not been ok with that. Although I have just 81 people reading my posts ,you all mean the world to me. I don’t write for myself to read after all and I Feel like I haven’t really been writing enough to deserve your support so I’m going to try to upgrade myself and my writing. Please bear with me. I really look forward to writing again,I just need a little more motivation and encouragement.

Thank you. I love you all 💕.

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