Misunderstandings are common in most friendships and some remain uncleared due to lack of communication and understanding.

Having a fall-out with someone doesn’t mean you should just stop talking to the person because it might all be one big misunderstanding. You should try to learn to speak with people and understand their side of the story. This is my own perspective though and I learnt the hard way😓.

Dialogue resolves a lot of conflicts and it might save you from losing a good and true friend. You should be mature enough to walk up to the other party and try to resolve the issues you have with each other.

How do you even do it?. How do you hold grudges for a very long time?. As for me, I would feel as though I’m carrying a bag of rice. It’s not a very good thing to keep malice with other people both medically and spiritually. “Dialogue is the key to communication”.

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