Happy birthday Anna

I Feel like I’ve lost my writing skills but this day cannot pass without me writing something..

Happy birthday to the best blogger I know..she’s not only a Blogger,she’s a writer,a motivation,she gets things done the way she wants it and that’s a special quality. On my birthday, I felt like no one really cared about me but her kind words made the entire day. We’ve had our fights and arguments and I would say I’ve been jealous of her but honestly what’s there to not get jealous of- the write ups ,the stupidity or the madness she has😅😅-.

Annabelle is one writer that would make you smile no matter how bad your day might be going and annaanitasblog.wordpress.com is one blog you’d regret not visiting…

When we talk about an all in one, Annabelle is the best at that. A dancer, a writer ,an athlete, a chef(best food and nutrition student is not easy) …all she’s lacking is the beauty… Trust me ,she looks like a fish😏😏😏…

Happy birthday Adanna , wishing you all the best. Hope you have a great birthday.

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