“I see myself in a box full of so many options.., fascinating ones which do not entice me, attractive ones which seem odd to me,and there in a tiny corner, my eye caught the tiniest one and that’s the option I decided to pick… Now it’s bigger than the biggest option I saw in the box”.

Life is full of so many ideas, each staring at us in the face. Having to choose one might seem difficult if you are still clueless and have no plans for your life. I don’t know where exactly this post is headed but let me share a story… My story.

There I was(dramatic music)…,just kidding.

When young children are asked what they want to be in the nearest future, they answer based on what seems the most interesting to them at the moment.. In love with action movies, I’d love to be a soldier .

I was just in primary 3 and that day, we were asked to write about our future profession. Being a news fan ( news stations were my favorite even over cartoons) ,a talkative and a writer(always had it in me) , I decided that becoming a newscaster or a journalist would be the best job for me . I could make up my own stories and publish them. I remember being happy when I wrote a storybook “the golden slippers” 😂😂😂. That was it for me, I would be a journalist.

Fast forward to a year later, I was much wiser. My aunt who was a lawyer came visiting and I was lucky to put on her lawyer’s outfit, since then I made up my mind to become a lawyer.. Not because I knew what being a lawyer was all about but because I loved the look I had in the outfit.

Growing up, I realized how bad the society was becoming each passing day and the sight of people on need everywhere made my heart yearn for what was right. People suffering from lack of justice and being cheated due to lack of money was quite annoying and from then my poems and write ups were channeled towards highlighting the ills of society and I knew what my dream was from that instant. Not only did the outfit fit perfectly, the occupation did too and it wasn’t just the occupation I was aspiring for, it was MY DREAM.


People think having a dream is all that is important, people hardly consider working towards it. Achieving a dream could take years, hard ones, years of labour and sacrifice for something you really want. There’s a difference between being a teacher because you want the money and being a teacher because you want to have an impact on children’s lives and of course, this will be revealed by your attitude towards the job.

You can’t dream of becoming a doctor and choose not to go to school then you say life just didn’t work out the way you wanted. Life doesn’t have to work the way you want. You adjust yourself to the way it works. You make yourself fit into the situation and you remain determined no matter the challenges that come your way.

As said in a previous post, a child grows into adulthood but you expect to suddenly learn start flying a plane because you dream of becoming a pilot. That’s a very unrealistic dream and no good will come out of it. The road might be rough but there’s a smooth one ahead…

Some people take working towards your dream as a means of discarding other people and their feelings but it is not. You can’t achieve your dreams singlehandedly. A blogger can’t be the only one reading her posts and a surgeon definitely won’t operate on him or herself. We all need people at some point in our lives. No matter how much we try to hide it, sometimes the feeling that you have someone to share your problems with gives the extra push you need to achieving your dreams.


This is one thing that’s common to everyone. We let people’s words eat us alive and stop our actions. “I can’t do this because this person will think about it like this”. They’ll gossip about me, well they’re only making you the center of their world. Let me remind you, if you let someone’s words get in the way of you achieving your dreams, that same person would mock you and call you a failure when you fail to achieve anything. I’m not saying not to care about people’s words cos some of them are true but you should know the ones to blow off and the ones to pay attention to.


Another thing that stands in the way of people achieving their dreams is jealousy. “I’m a writer but this person makes more money as a musician or this person writes about this so why not copy her maybe then I’ll have as much money or more”. There are different roads to the same destination, some long and some short but the point is that it leads to the same place and there’s no difference. There are different ways to cook food but it’s still the same dish that ends up being served so why rush things. What’s meant to be will be no matter what. People’s successes doesn’t make you a failure., you don’t know what the person did to get to that posituand the struggles faced on the way so don’t get jealous of people and their successes, instead be happy for them.


You might have a dream which doesn’t suite your personality and you think you’re going in the wrong direction. Doesn’t that direction also lead to an end, just a different one, one you could utilize to the fullest and one you could use to get back in track, but as a better person this time. Who knows, it might not be a wrong direction after all.


There’s no such thing as that. KFC started from an old man. One who thought life was over and it was too late but hey, he didn’t know he would become this famous, so can you. Identifying your dreams and working towards it is all you need do and you’ll get there.


Everyone has this writing technique but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. That’s not a setback, it’s a clue to creating your own idea, one no one has thought of before. Might seem difficult but it’d work out and you’d be shocked at the outcome.


You might be on your way to achieving your dreams but helping others is a great step too. Everyone needs a little push sometimes and you never can tell how much your encouragement will go in helping the person. Being a great blogger is not enough, help other bloggers too in the little way you can.

Longest post ever, this took a lot of time. Typing is really hard.. I hope I get support on this, it took a lot of energy. Please share. BYE.

3 thoughts on “A DREAM”

  1. It was good…I have seen many confused and puzzled teens deciding for their future. Well I too don’t know about my future. All I know is we’re the real artists in our childhood. Hehe!

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