The idea of being picture perfect actually doesn’t exist.. Girls become anorexic just so they fit into a clique of girls or a particular status in the Society.. wow , I’m really a different breed. Who doesn’t love food?, I could never starve myself because of anyone, I’m literally addicted to food and I’ll be glad to have an unlimited supply of it.

People want to find the perfect one for them when they are not perfect. I don’t think anyone would get married then, why not make an imperfect person perfect… For you. Relying on someone to meet your every need is unreasonable if you ask me because even animals don’t do that…

Life would be picture perfect if everyone could learn to get things done themselves( lazy me) . A Cinderella story doesn’t apply to anyone talk more of everyone so don’t dream of a picture perfect life instead make your life picture perfect just the way you like it.

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