Although Halimat is said to be foolish, she is a mix of smart talented foolishness. That moment when you come across someone more foolish just without the beauty, smartness and talent, it is impossible to not wonder why such people were creates especially when that person turns out to be your best friend.

A best friend listens to your problems and worries and then laughs although it isn’t funny and you’re crying, finding out that the laughter has no undertone of a solution is the frustrating part.

A best friend cooperates with you on every matter  whether wrong or right, not failing to correct you in private though. Best friends are heaven sent, to help you bear a part of your burden, it’s just bad if you bear a larger part of theirs.

My best friend Lambert is a long -cannot be called tall-, thin and very stubborn boy. The kind that always troubles leopyans the type that has a different laughter for every situation.

Being a best friend goes farther than just being there for each other, it’s about being the person’s other sibling, being able to tell each other everything and anything. Believing in each other.

Sometimes best friends are a source of trouble, everytime if Lambert is yours. Always making noise, doing stupid stuff and attracting a lot of unnecessary attention.

The good part is knowing that you always have someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, someone who would care even when the whole world turns against you. Although he misbehaves a lot, I’m happy he’s my best friend and no matter how much I try to I just can’t replace him.


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