Locked away in my small world,

All I could see was the wickedness of the world,

The beauty was unknown to me,

And I had no idea of the other side of the world.

Being alone and having only one stream of thoughts,

I failed to recognize the importance of life,

And my life began to revolve around just one word,

The DESTRUCTION of everyone.

I began to plot and devise various schemes,

Making progress every step of the way,

All I needed was one person,

To execute the masterpiece.

Then I realized how withdrawn I really was,

And my failure to appreciate the beauty of the world,

I didn’t bother to make any friends,

And so I thought everyone cruel.

Making this discovery opened my eyes to a lot of things,

I decided to mend my ways,

Fortunately,no havoc had been caused.

Please someone should name it .. You can do that in the comment section. Any name goes. Thank you.

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